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GoodNotes 2020 Halloween Planner - Only Available in October

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Halloween Planning and Memories

ATTENTION! This planner is only available to purchase in the month of October. So get it now before it disappears!

Have you ever wanted to organize all of your Halloween plans digitally? This is the perfect way to plan out all of your Spooky activities and keep them with you in your digital planner.

This planner/notebook is completely digital! It is intended to be used with any note taking app on your iPad, tablet or smart phone...... Any device that has a PDF annotation app will work (tabs may only function in limited apps).

The planner comes with the following inserts:
1. Dated October 2019 monthly overview
2. Index
3. Countdown
4. Activities
5. Decorations
6. Baking
8. Trick or Treat
9. Notes - extra pages with lined, dot grid, grid, and blank paper

*Note: You can always add as many additional pages to your binder as you like by simply copying a blank page and pasting it into the planner.

The planner was designed to be completely digital and works best with GoodNotes or ZoomNotes (interactive links included for use with the tabs in GoodNotes and ZoomNotes only at this time). The basic planner will work with any app that allows you to import a PDF file and annotate.

To get ideas on how to use this planner, visit my YouTube channel for demonstrations: Everyday Awesome TV

Please note that this is not a physical item... It is a PDF download.