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OneNote Daily Planner - Perpetual

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OneNote Daily Planner - Dated/Perpetual in Portrait!

This planner is perfect for those who prefer to use their planners and tablets in portrait mode.

A digital planner/calendar/notebook for OneNote only. The planner tabs in this notebook are decorative.... They are not clickable links.

This planner is completely digital! It is intended to be used exclusively in OneNote. That means you can use it on any and all devices where OneNote is installed.

This planner comes as a ZIP file. After purchase, you will receive a download link for a ZIP file containing the OneNote Notebook files and the installation instruction PDF. Please note that you may need to have OneNote installed on a computer to properly install the notebook into the app.  You can download a free version of Microsoft OneNote 2016 here.

The planner is set up with the year at the top level. Then each month is a section and the weeks are pages within each section. You can add in additional pages wherever you wish..... Use one of the bonus pages or any type of page you need for your planner.

The planner has undated monthly spreads... but is dated for each day of the year. You simply need to fill in the correct dates of the month and you can start this planner anytime, and use it over and over!

The planner also comes with bonus pages for weekly spreads and notes.

This daily planner is perpetual.

The planner has a floral/peach colored binder and comes with the following pages:
- Index/Table of Contents - with links to 30 pages in the notes section
- Dated daily pages for each day of the year
- 12 Monthly calendars (Undated)
- Lined blank pages
- Dot grid pages
- Squared (graph) pages
- Decorative note pages
- Blank pages
- Bonus page: Today planning page - undated
- Bonus page: Horizontal weekly view - undated
- Bonus page: Weekly lesson planning or student assignments - undated

*Note: You can always add as many additional pages to your planner as you like by simply copying a blank page and pasting it into the planner.

This planner will ONLY work in OneNote... If you prefer to use a PDF planner in a different app, please check the shop to see the other planners available!

To get ideas on how to use this planner, visit my YouTube channel for demonstrations: Everyday Awesome TV

Please note that this is not a physical item... It is a OneNote and PDF download. You will receive the planner file in ZIP format and PDF instruction sheet after purchase. This file will tell you everything you need to know about importing into OneNote. Customers who do not have access to a computer for installation need to contact Michele for assistance.... Just use the chat box here in the shop for help.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the planner ZIP file and PDF instruction sheet to your computer.
  2. Unzip the planner notebook. Please make a note of where the folder is saved on your computer.
  3. Ensure that you have OneNote installed and setup on your computer.
  4. Run the OneNote Notebook Importer.... located HERE.

To get ideas on how to use this planner, visit my YouTube channel for demonstrations: Everyday Awesome TV

Please note that this is not a physical item... It is a downloadable file.

FYI - all planners have a "Monday Start" on the calendar.

This planner is also available in a PDF version (with clickable links) HERE.

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