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The Awesome Planner now has an exclusive membership area of the shop... Become a member today and help me continue to make some awesome products and content for you!

What's included with your membership at The Awesome Planner?

  • Exclusive content only available to members.
  • Exclusive videos... how-to's, tutorials, etc.
  • Monthly freebies for members only.
  • Monthly discount code and/or special offers for members only.

Most of the action in the member area happens on the blog. You can bookmark the blog or sign-up to have the feed delivered directly to your email. That way, you never miss out on any news for members.

I considered starting a Patreon account... but for me, it's much easier to expand the shop to provide additional services for you. Maintaining a totally separate site would be very time consuming and ultimately quality would suffer. Things are just more streamlined in the shop.

Hosting the member area in the shop makes it so easy for you to just login and have access to your account, previous purchases, and member services. I will also start offering some online courses in the near future... You will be able to find those in your Awesome Planner account too!

Pricing for the member area is only $9.99 per month - or you can save by paying in advance and you can cancel anytime. You just need to sign in and access your account.