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Planner Insert - Vertical Weekly Spread

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Vertical Weekly Spread

Would you like a different option for a weekly layout? Well, check out this vertical spread....

This spread is very functional. It has your "Top 3" for the day listed first thing, then a schedule for the day. At the bottom, there is a section for additional tasks or daily notes/gratitude, etc. There is a full column for each day of the week and a "Notes" section on the far right to keep weekly tasks, grocery lists... or whatever you need! The insert is undated and can be used anytime.

This insert comes as a bundle (Zip File). There are two separate files. One file goes on the left side of your planner, the other on the right.

Each planner insert is an image file that is designed specifically to fit onto one blank page in your Awesome Planner. Just download and UnZip the files and add to your camera roll. Then, add it into the planner where you wish!

Happy Planning!