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Posted by Mimi Gaylor on

Look back at week 9 of 2019 – Paper and digital

Last week went by so fast! I am still using a combination of digital and paper planning. In February, I used the digital planner mainly as a tracker for everything I did and everywhere I went. I also documented everything I ate, weights, glucose, etc…. all on the weekly schedule.

My digital planner is the Awesome Planner for OneNote. You can find it here in the shop with the 2019 planners. It now comes in either black or pink. This format can also be found in PDF format to use with GoodNotes, ZoomNotes, Metamoji Note or other PDF annotation apps.

I love keeping track of my schedule with this planner… Having it with me at all times is a bonus and means I never forget to document what I am doing.

Stay tuned for next week’s planner look back. I also plan to do a in depth look at how I’m using my Martha Stewart discbound notebook as my “Everything” book.

Happy Planning!!

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