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Posted by Michele Gaylor on

Hello all.......

I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy at home. I know I've tried to stay home as much as possible, only venturing out to buy groceries when necessary.

I'm gearing up for the Academic Planner release. I'm ready to start design and the new planners should be in the shop within the next 2 weeks. This release will only include OneNote planners... No PDF planners will be available. New teacher planners will also be included.

If you prefer to plan with the PDF planners, I have a selection of undated PDF planners that can be started anytime. New PDF planners will only be available in the 2021 release.

For my members, please note that the new "Monthly Planner Kit" for May 2020 has also just been posted. Please visit the Member Monthly Dashboard in the Member's Portal area to get your new kit.

If you wish to become a member and get access to the monthly kits, just visit the Member Sales page.

Happy planning!

Much love - Michele


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