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Shop Improvements and Changes

Posted by Mimi Gaylor on

It’s the little things that add up to something big!

Oh…. so many updates have been made in the shop over the past couple of weeks.

Here are some of the improvements you can see right now:

  • Wishlists – You can now keep a wishlist of the things you want to buy!
  • Points – You now get points for you product purchases that can be put toward you next purchase!
  • Perpetual Challenge Courses – I’m adding in some challenges that will be ongoing…. Members get FREE access to all of these perpetual challenges.
  • New “All Access Membership” – the new and improved version of the membership plan.
  • Affiliate program – There is now a small affiliate program for my customers. Please feel free to apply if you love the products and would like to make a little extra spending money!

The shop just keeps getting better and better! I love providing these tools for people to help improve their lives…….

More to come!

Happy planning!

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