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OneNote Planner Update and Fixes

Posted by Mimi Gaylor on

The OneNote Planner has been updated and fixed!

Many of you have purchased the OneNote planner available in the shop and the majority have installed it without any issues. But…. some of you had problems with the installation.

I’m so happy to announce that this issue has been corrected! The planner download has been updated/changed and there is a new process for installation.

If you previously purchased the OneNote planner and would like to try out the new process, just log into your account and visit your “downloads” page. You will be able to download the new files from your account. There are now 2 files: a ZIP file containing the planner and a PDF instruction sheet. Please read the instructions before attempting to install.

Also remember that you will need to use a computer that has OneNote to import the new planner. People who do not have access to a computer will still need to go through a special “temporary” sharing process.

Since I love my OneNote planner so much, I decided to add a new color to the shop. You can now also purchase this planner in pink!

I hope everyone who has this planner is enjoying it. There is so much versatility when using OneNote. I know I love adding in special pages and the ability to link my notes together. I also really love having my planner on 3 different operating systems without any issues. Everything I need is always at my fingertips.

Now that the process for installation is easier, I am making a list of new OneNote planners to add to the shop. If you have any suggestions, just send me a message.

The OneNote Planner in black is still available in the shop and has been updated. You can purchase that one here:

Happy Planning!!

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