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One Book July 2021 Intro

Posted by Michele Gaylor on

One Book July 2021 Intro

It's that time of year! Time for the #onebookjuly challenge.

Every year in July.... it's time for a planner reset. This year, the challenge theme is: routines and habits.

I know all about this. I may even be a little obsessed with trackers. - I love to track many things.

I'll explain how I set up my trackers and the digital apps I use everyday in the video below:

Here's a list of the tracking apps I use:

The paper planner I'm currently using:

I've been using a paper planner since the beginning of the year. I've listed the one I use below. It comes in 3 different colors/styles and is completely undated. This means you can start it anytime. Even the months and weekly spreads don't have the days labeled so you can start your week on either a Sunday or a Monday. Whichever works for you.

This is the Fitbit I am currently using:

Fitbit Sense.... I LOVE this thing!

This is the phone I use now:

Samsung Note 10 Plus (unlocked).... I LOVE this thing also!

Join the One Book July Challenge and follow along.

Visit the One Book July Challenge YouTube channel to see all the videos being posted this year. You can also binge watch videos from previous years.

All of my videos for the challenge will be posted on the Everyday Awesome TV channel.

If you post your own videos and/or photos.... please remember to use the hashtags: #onebookjuly2021 and #onebookjuly

Happy Planning!

It's time for the One Book July challenge!
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