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New OneNote Awesome Planner

Posted by Mimi Gaylor on

2019 Awesome Planner for OneNote

Are you a fan of OneNote? I know I am…. and I’ve been wanting to design a planner that works well in the app but still has the look of my Awesome digital planners.

The Awesome Planner for OneNote
Monthly View

I have finally taken the time to get this planner designed and I hope that those of you who prefer using the super functional OneNote app will enjoy this option.

The notebook is designed with each month being a section and the weeks are pages within the section… When you purchase the planner, it comes as one file that contains the entire notebook. After checkout, you will receive a download link for the PDF instruction file. This planner is much too large to download through my current file servers. The instruction file has everything you need to know about downloading and installing the planner into OneNote.

OneNote planner
Weekly View

This planner is available to my shop Patrons for FREE… just add it to your cart and check out for -0- dollars! If you are not currently a Patron, check out the details HERE!

OneNote Planner
Daily Page

The planner also includes the bonus pages included in the PDF versions…. There are blank daily pages, meal planning pages, undated weekly pages in 3 different formats, and blank pages with grid, lines, dot grid.

OneNote Planner
Lined Pages

This planner has everything you need to organize your life and time…. Get yours today!

Happy planning!

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