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New Digital Planner Inserts: Workout and Food Logs – Free for My Patrons

Posted by Mimi Gaylor on

New planner inserts for your 2019 fitness goals!

The beginning of the year is usually a time to reflect and make some goals to improve your health. In the spirit of fitness, I’ve just designed and added two new inserts.

The food logwill help you keep track of everything you eat and hydration throughout the week. You can add this to your current planner!

The workout log will help you keep track of your exercise routine throughout the week. You can also write out your goals met each week and keep any fitness related notes.

Please note that these inserts are FREE for my shop Patrons……… If you are a paying member of the shop, you should see 0.00 as the price.

If you’re interested in helping to support the shop and become a member, see the details HERE!

Happy planning… and good luck with your fitness goals!

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