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My Complete Planning System for Now – Simple and Reliable

Posted by Mimi Gaylor on

October 2018 Planner Setup

I’m using a few different planners for the month. I generally like keeping all my planning in just one place but sometimes that is just not practical. I use a combination of paper and my digital planner.

Even though I design and sell digital planners, I have a love of paper and will never give it up completely. I combine them by taking snapshots of my paper planners and adding them into the digital spreads. This way, all of my info is stored in one spot…. That is the key!

My current planners:

Mini Happy Planner: This is where most of the daily planning is done…. I also keep lists and ideas, etc. I take a snapshot of my daily pages and add them into my digital planner.

The Awesome Planner: This is where I keep records and/or document things. I also use my hourly weekly spread to map out how I want my week to go. Since it’s digital, it’s easy to go in and fix the schedule to give me an accurate look at how I spend my time. The digital format is also my preferred method for keeping long term notes.

This is the digital planner I am currently using:

I also still have my Hobonichi Weeks. If you have followed me for a while, you know that this little planner has given me blues for so long! I love it but it’s not practical for planning. I am determined to finish out the book for the year though. This means I am carrying it around with me in my wallet and will be updating it at least weekly to get important info in there. It may not be practical but this is a goal that I have for the year.

Watch this video to get a better look at the planners I am using this month:

Happy Planning!

Side note: I still use my Digital Bullet Journal when I wish to make a full page spread for the day. It gives me plenty of room to keep a digital scrapbook.

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