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Last Week Was Busy! A Look at My Schedule #showmeyourplanner

Posted by Michele Gaylor on

I thought you guys might find it interesting to see how I actually use my planner.

So, this is a peek at my schedule last week (in the Mega OneNote Awesome Planner).

I do most of my planning on the iPad and by writing in with my Apple Pencil. When I'm out of the house, I will use my Note 9 phone which has a built in S Pen.

I'll add in text and stickers when I have time... some weeks get much more decoration. 

Last week had a great deal of pink on the schedule, which is my color for work. My main focus was to complete design and keep polishing up some things in the shop.

I think this planner is going to get archived this week so I can switch over to a new, 2020 planner.... Just tying to decide if I want the black or teal OneNote planner.

I'm also considering adding in a GoodNotes planner to use in conjunction with my OneNote planner. I just need to figure out which planner I will use for work, personal, etc. Or, I may just use the Digital Scrapbook version and do my memory keeping that way.

Stay tuned to see what I decide!

Happy planning.....

Much love - Michele

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