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Last Week in My Planner - Week 44 of 2019 #showmeyourplanner

Posted by Michele Gaylor on

My weekly spread for week #44 of 2019

It was a busy week.... and I was down for the count on Halloween. I spent most of the day in bed but managed to get out so the kids could go trick or treating.

Everything is color coded and the pink signifies work. Now that I'm looking at the spread, it sure seems like there is some missing. This happens when I start multi tasking and choose one color over another. All the work at the beginning of the week was very productive and that work included designing and listing a new holiday planner for OneNote (you can find it in the shop). 

This spread was made in my GoodNotes planner. I just save the image when completed and then add it to my OneNote planner.... I've been doing this with the past few weekly spreads because I like how easy it is to add in stickers, etc in the GoodNotes app. Also, I need to get familiar with GoodNotes 5 since I stopped using the app around the time it was upgraded for the GoodNotes 4. I'm not sure if I'll keep doing this but it really hasn't been difficult.

I finally purchased a Microsoft Surface Go over the weekend and this may play into my planning for the remainder of the month. Using the Surface means I won't have access to GoodNotes and will be using my OneNote planner exclusively. So, we'll see!

I hope you had a great week! Now we just need to start planning for Thanksgiving!

Happy Planning!

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