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July 2019 Be Awesome Challenge – Watch a Ted Talk Daily

Posted by Mimi Gaylor on

Watch a Ted Talk every day and see what you can learn…..

In July, we continue the “Be Awesome” challenge.

I love monthly challenges and my goal is to totally switch things up every month so no boredom is involved.

I love watching Ted Talks…. You can learn so much in just a little time. Very effective time management!

I find that I gravitate to the self-help and productivity types of talks. It’s just the most interesting for me. I also mix in a few health related topics.

So, for the month of July I’d like challenge you to listen to or watch a Ted Talk every day. Deep dive into a topic or switch it up with a variety of subjects.

Here is one of my favorite Ted Talks to get you going….

I’ve created a monthly planner sheet to help you document your progress each day. You simply need to add it to your cart and check out for FREE. The ZIP file contains a OneNote page and PDF sheet. You can add this to your OneNote planner or print out the PDF and add it to your paper planner.

Feel free to post your progress on Instagram with the hashtag: #beawesomechallenge – You can also tag me if you like:

I will be doing a mid-month and end of month check in to see how I’m personally keeping up with the challenge. This check in will only be available to my members so you may want to consider supporting the shop and signing up if you want my updates! (Members also get HUGE discounts in the shop!)

*This challenge is inspired by a book I am currently following along called “100 Life Challenges”. You can get a copy for yourself on Amazon.

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