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Big Things are Coming!

Posted by Michele Gaylor on

Change is in the air and things are going to be rockin'.

The 2020 planner release is just around the corner. With this new release, changes are also coming to the shop.

All planners will be released here in the Everyday Awesome shop..... is going to be put on rest for a while. 

All customer info will be migrated from back into this, my original shop. If you have difficulty accessing previous purchases, just give a holler and Michele will help you out.

This also means that the member area is migrating........ The new membership will include monthly freebies and a "members only" blog with extra goodies. Monthly fees are also going to be reduced. So, keep a lookout for that!

Stay tuned for more info and the 2020 planner release!

- Happy Planning..... Michele

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